0963 What Network – All You Need to Know

Introduction to 0963 What Network

The 0963 network is a fast-growing mobile operator providing affordable voice and data services across Africa and Asia. With over 100 million subscribers per their latest annual report, 0963 aims to connect emerging market customers with reliable and low-cost mobile connectivity.

But how does 0963 provide such accessible services and what’s their network like for customers? This article provides a deep dive into the 0963 mobile network.

Overview of 0963 What Network

0963 is owned by Emtel International, a leading telecom group based in Mauritius, serving over 150 million customers. According to Emtel‘s website, their key focus areas are:

  • Affordable pricing – Providing low-cost prepaid and postpaid plans. For example, in Cambodia,  1GB of data costs just $1 on 0963.
  • Extensive coverage – Aiming to reach remote and rural areas across Africa and Asia. Currently, 0963 has over 90% population coverage in 5 major markets.
  • Reliable connectivity – Utilizing a mix of 2G, 3G, and 4G networks to ensure widespread service.
  • Localized offerings – Tailoring products and services to meet the unique needs of each market.

History and Growth of 0963

0963 launched commercially in 2003 in Mauritius as Emtel’s low-cost offering for emerging markets. By 2009, 0963 had reached over 15 million customers across 4 countries – Mauritius, Mozambique, Cambodia and Comoros.

0963 What Network

Some key milestones:

  • 2010 – 0963 reaches 30 million subscribers.
  • 2014 – 4G/LTE rollout begins.
  • 2017 – 70 million customer base across 9 nations.
  • 2021 – 100 million customers and 12 countries with 0963 presence.

This rapid growth has been driven by strategic market expansions, partnerships, acquisitions, and a focus on the cost-conscious yet rapidly growing segment across Asia and Africa.

Products and Services

0963 provides a suite of consumer and business services, including:

Voice – Local, national, and international calling and roaming in 150+ countries.

Messaging – SMS, MMS, voicemail, and international messaging.

Data – 2G, 3G, 4G mobile data with speeds up to 150Mbps based on MarketGuru tests.

International Top-up – Facilities to top-up accounts from abroad.

Entertainment – Content services, e.g., sports, music, and video streaming.

M-Commerce – Includes m-banking, m-insurance, and other finance services.

Value-Added Services – Caller ID, call waiting, itemized billing and more.

Roaming – Use service across most countries through partnerships. But the charges are higher.

Customer Service – Via call centers, online support, mobile apps, social media, and stores.

What Do Customers Think?

On Trust Radius, 0963 scores 3.8 out of 5 based on over 300 reviews. Customers like the low rates but feel data speeds and network congestion need improvement.

“Data speeds are not great even on 4G in urban areas during busy hours. But unlimited data for $3 is unbelievable value” – Aakash S.

0963 Coverage Areas

Here are some of the major markets where 0963 has coverage:

Country Population Coverage Key Cities
Mauritius 99% Port Louis, Curepipe, Vacoas
Mozambique 92% Maputo, Nampula, Beira
Cambodia 96% Phnom Penh, Battambang, Siem Reap
Namibia 91% Windhoek, Rundu
Chad 51% N’Djamena, Moundou


Rural access is also a focus area for 0963. As per their annual report, they added 1,200 rural network towers last year.

Network Performance and Speeds

As a value player, 0963’s network data speeds and performance may not match top operators in the market who invest more in infrastructure. But they aim to provide consistent basic services.

Here are some typical 0963 network speeds observed on OpenSignal:

  • 2G – Up to 200 Kbps
  • 3G – Up to 10 Mbps
  • 4G – Up to 42 Mbps

Latency is higher and congestion-prone during peak times, according to customer reviews. But 0963 says they added capacity across 900 LTE sites last year to ease congestion.

Pricing, Plans, and Deals

One of 0963’s biggest advantages is affordable pricing tailored to local buying power. They offer both prepaid and postpaid plans.

For example, here are some popular 0963 prepaid deals:

  • Cambodia – $1 for 1GB data + 150 minutes talk time
  • Botswana – 29 Pula for 2GB data + 100 minutes
  • Namibia – 49 Namibian Dollars for 5GB data + 100 minutes

Postpaid plans start around $3 per month in most markets. Bolt-on packs for data, calls, etc., are also available.

Compared to other operators like Smart in Cambodia or MTN in Namibia, 0963 is priced 30-50% cheaper on similar plans as per Tefficient.

Customer Service

As a budget operator, 0963 focuses more on self-help and basic customer service. Channels include:

  • IVR and Call Centers – Available 24/7 in the local language.
  • Stores – Authorized dealer network provides support.
  • Online – Website, chatbots, and social media for queries.
  • Mobile Apps – Manage accounts via the My0963 app.
  • SMS – Transactional notifications and service messages.

Customer reviews on social media indicate slightly slower issue resolution, but support meets basic needs.

Pros and Cons of 0963 Mobile Network


  • Very affordable prepaid and postpaid mobile plans.
  • Wide network availability spanning 12 countries.
  • Focus on rural coverage in emerging markets.
  • Value-added services like m-banking offered.
  • Youth-focused branding and promotions.


  • Average data speeds and performance, prone to congestion.
  • Limited customer service for complex issues.
  • Low-end device selection – few flagships.
  • Not suited for data-heavy users.
  • Roaming charges are high outside footprint.


In summary, 0963 has built a strong market presence across Asia and Africa by offering affordable and basic mobile services to the masses. Though not meant for advanced users, 0963 provides vital connectivity in underserved areas. With continued expansion planned, 0963 seems positioned to enable digital inclusion for millions moving forward.

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