All About 0977 What Network Mobile Numbers in the Philippines


Mobile numbers starting with 0977 are extremely common across the Philippines, especially among Smart Communications users. But what does this particular prefix indicate?

We’ll explore everything you need to know:

  • Which mobile carriers use 0977 numbers
  • Why 0977 is considered a “Smart number.”
  • Location and coverage for 0977 mobiles
  • Capabilities and features of 0977 numbers

Understanding mobile prefixes provides powerful insight for Philippine consumers in choosing providers and maximizing connectivity.

What Network is 0977?

The 0977 prefix is primarily associate with Smart Communications in the Philippines.

  • Smart is the mobile division of PLDT, holding over 24% market share nationwide.
  • They provide mobile service to 60+ million postpaid & prepaid consumers.

However, 0977 is also utilize by smaller carriers relying on Smart’s network infrastructure through national roaming agreements. These include TNT, Talk’ N Text, and Addict Mobile.

So, while 0977 is strongly link to Smart, it is not used exclusively by them.

0977 what network
0977 what network

Is 0977 Considered a Smart Number?

Yes, 0977 is designated as a “Smart number” according to the Philippine phone system. But what does this mean?

Smart numbers refer to mobile prefixes assigned by the NTC for use by Smart Communications. Specific indicators include:

✅ Mobile (not landline) numbers

✅ Digital network (not older analog)

✅ Full support for text, data, calls

So, being a Smart number signals a modern, digital mobile number, usually connected to Smart’s network.

Why is 0977 a Smart Number?

The 0977 prefix meets all the criteria to be a Smart number:

✅ Mobile-only – Cannot be used for landlines

✅ Digital – Does not use outdated analogue

✅ Advanced capabilities – Supports SMS, mobile data, calls

Additionally, Smart has specifically branded 0977 as part of their SmartNumbers mobile service. This cements its status as a Smart mobile number.

0977 Number Locations and Coverage

0977 follows the standard structure for Philippine mobile numbers:

  • 0977 700 to 799 – Manila
  • 0977 2xx – Luzon outside Manila
  • 0977 3xx – Visayas
  • 0977 5xx – Mindanao

However, cellular numbers are portable across regions. Users can switch SIMs and retain their existing 0977 number.

Smart provides nationwide coverage across the Philippines islands for 0977 numbers via their mobile network.

Key Takeaways

  • 0977 is strongly associate with Smart Communications
  • Considered a “Smart number” based on technical details
  • Supports full mobile phone features and number portability
  • Used by Smart and smaller carriers using their network
  • Most prominent in Manila but available nationwide

Understanding mobile number prefixes provides valuable insight for Philippine consumers in selecting providers and optimizing connectivity.


In summary, the 0977 prefix is widely recognize as a Smart mobile number in the Philippines. It indicates a modern digital number with complete mobile phone capabilities and coverage across the islands.

While strongly linked to Smart, 0977 is also utilize by other smaller carriers leveraging Smart’s infrastructure through roaming agreements. This knowledge helps consumers make informed choices in picking providers and services.

Hopefully, this complete guide to 0977 numbers provides helpful clarity into this widely used mobile prefix for phone consumers across the Philippines. Please share any feedback or questions!

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